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5 Days a Stranger Review

5 Days a Stranger is a traditional point-and-click adventure game where you assume the role of Trilby, a burglar who comes across a nasty surprise while trying to pull off one last heist: the mansion he breaks into is haunted.

Normally Trilby just breaks in, steals what he wants, and leaves, but when he tries to get out of the strange Defoe family mansion, he finds that he's trapped. None of the doors open, and neither do the windows.

Trilby discovers that there are a few other characters in the house who have been there longer than he has. The real problem, however, begins when the characters start dying one by one.

With a great story and traditional gameplay, 5 Days a Stranger delivers on everything you'd expect from a good horror adventure game: explore the mansion, collect objects, talk with different characters ... and try to survive.

5 Days a Stranger is the first of four adventures that make up Chzo Mythos, almost all of which feature the same burglar, Trilby.

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