Clients Software

Live2Support - 7.15MB

CD Messenger is an instant messaging tool designed to help you communicate more efficiently with your colleagues so you can organize tasks in real tim...

Mesa Dynamics - 213KB

X1 Technologies, Inc. - 13.46MB

Hiroyuki Yamamoto - 6.09MB

Sylpheed is a completely free and open source email client to keep track of all your emails without you getting overwhelmed by them.This email manager...

Imayhem - 195KB

Total Communicator - 2.75MB - 1.36MB

Pierre-Andr? Galmes - 55KB

Anders Kjersem - 6KB

Synovel - 11.32MB

Based on Mozilla Project's coding, this new personal information manager is ready to clear up some space on your desktop.It's called Spicebird, and it... - 2.74MB

Hardi - 590KB

Lots of users have a great library of icons, emoticons, and winks for MSN Messenger (now Windows Live Messenger) in their computers and it's a pity to...

Nicolas MERLET - 26.89MB

Alex Perez - 787KB

Helmsman - 1.18MB

Goober Networks Inc. - 21.26MB

Goober is a multi-protocol IM client which combines all the fun of chat, radio stations and online TV.Protected file transfers, videocalls, picture pr...

Interactive Networks Inc. - 8.45MB

Instan-t is an instant messaging client that is compatible with the most popular IM networks out there: MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, and AOL.In addition to basic...

Mit Software - 189KB

BigAntSoft - 20.1MB

BigAnt Messenger is the perfect substitute for Windows Live Messenger and any other similar application in the office. It consists of an instant messa...

Gaim - 11.68MB