General Software

Lenovo - 4.94MB

SHAREit is a file transfer protocol (FTP) client, which comes in handy if you need to exchange files. The application supports numerous types of media...

PickBackMan - 1.44MB

PickBackMan is a tool that lets you automatically backup all the online services where you have photos stored so that you never lose them. You can com...

Plataforma Legal - 2.33MB

Adam - 793KB

Cofeshow Inc - 38.7MB

Cofeshow - Slideshow Maker is a video editing program to turn your photos into beautiful video presentations. You can also add text and audio files to...

Simplify Media - 4.08MB

Jos? Alberca - 22KB

Alex Skrypnyk - 1.33MB

In Windows, the windows usually have three buttons, which can be used to minimize, maximize or close the window.eXtra Buttons is a free program for Wi...

Ivan Heckman - 425KB

Steve Cohen - 4.64MB

Andrew Shelkovenko - 1MB

Shahab Kaynama - 1.57MB

If you are a fan of famous sentences and idioms, now you have the possibility of decorateing your desktop with one famous sentence or idom everyday.Qu...

Tushar - 13.65MB

Edinamarry Free Tarot Software is a comprehensive tarot app that includes all of the tools that you need to enter the world of divination and cards.Wi...

Gaia Family Tree - 1.52MB

Infonautics - 1.48MB

Online Desktop Presenter is an application that lets you broadcast everything you do on your desktop to any other PC, through the Internet. To do it, ...

EtruSoft Inc. - 228KB

Adobe - 337KB

Moon Software - 1014KB

Thorsten Blauhut - 182KB

One of the most annoying tasks when using your computer is to reorder your icons when you run a program that changes the screen resolution and change ...

Garsoft - 78KB