Human Resources Software

Animasoft - 47MB

mojosoft - 88.46MB

BusinessCards MX is an easy-to-use application that allows you to create really good business cards in an easy and fast way.One of the best features i...

Sage - 613.83MB

Sage NominaPlus Flex is a business management tool that allows you to efficiently manage everything related to payroll regardless of the size of the b...

Almeza Company - 1MB

AccessControl - 5.17MB

Jaume Gonz?lez Franc?s - 4.2MB

Ramjet Systems - 300.6MB

Job Search Toolbox is a tool with which you can search and apply for any type of job quickly, easily, and directly from your computer.The program will...

Imunin Software Inc. - 1.07MB

SystemPin - 23.58MB

CIDSA, S.L. - 8.78MB

Sergio Santana - 4.99MB

Birthday Cards Designing - 10.1MB

Greeting Card Maker Software is a graphic editing tool exclusively designed to create cards like the ones we use for Christmas, Saint Valentine?s, bir...

MundoTec - 1.1MB

Xpress Software - 6.68MB

Advanced ID Creator is a simple utility with which you can create your own business cards or labels in a simple way to identify yourself be it profess...

Semantis Software - 2.2MB

Writing a CV is always a complicated matter. What should I put? In what order? How long should it be? These are just some of the questions that we all...

Millenium Soft - 21.21MB

MilleniumTests is a very practical tool for companies who are looking for a concrete applicant profile for a certain type of job.To help them in the s...

Ing. Andres Sanchez Rendon - 4.56MB

This application calculates the wages of a company for any number of employees.Sistema de N?minas Fussion is completely configurable and has 99 percep...

Gogrok Technology Corporation - 11.03MB

Colt Hop ED, S.L. - 40.6MB

NySWin is a management tool for people and companies who have to organize payrolls for workers and present the official copies to the Social Security ...

ANER Sistemas Informaticos - 40.87MB