PHP Software

Patrick R. Michaud. - 442KB

PHP Code Generators - 777KB

Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro is a tool that you can use to put your MySQL data on the web or Intranet, with no need of writing a single code line, whi...

Blumentals Solutions SIA - 26.9MB

Rapid PHP Editor is a powerful PHP programming editor for Windows that combines all the features of a complete PHP IDE package with the speed of Notep... - 2.3MB

SQL Maestro Group - 12.13MB

MySQL PHP Generator is a useful tool that makes the creation of PHP scripts easier to simplify the access of information contained in the MySQL data b...

PhpGedView Team - 4.53MB

Sandrine Takis and Denis Surea - 19KB

Aidin - 82KB - 12.79MB

Piwik, also known as phpMyVisits, is an application developed in PHP and MySQL that implements a dynamic and interactive system of statistics for a we...

Torsten H?ltge - 606KB

Thomas Weinert - 2.14MB

PHPfileNavigator - 627KB

To call it excellent would not be enough when highlighting the qualities of PHPfileNavigator, an open source application developed in PHP that allows ...

Dragan Bajcic - 14KB

Jean-Damien POGOLOTTI - 323KB

pChart is a PHP class that uses the Open Flash Chart, these graphs are static, and therefore not interactive, since they are generated as PNG-formatte...

Jose Carlos - 13KB

Ben Werdmuller y David Tosh - 6.13MB

Elgg is one of the first content managers to integrate services belonging to online social networks.With Elgg you can build a website that has the fol...

Php-Stats - 611KB

Open Flash Chart Team - 613KB

Open Flash Chart is a tool for web developers with which you can obtain dynamic and interactive graphs in Flash format from a text file that has the d... - 4.47MB

XLineSoft - 39.6MB

PHP Runner is an application capable of automatically generating a whole catalogue of webpages to insert information in the fields of a certain databa...