Search Tools Software

Kevin Solway - 427KB

Beon Networks Solutions - 834KB

Kallout, Inc. - 3.37MB

FirstStop WebSearch, LLC - 1.37MB - 15.85MB

AntsSoft - 953KB

GemiScorp Software Solutions - 147KB

Alkali Software - 196KB

Telescope combines more than 40 search engines in order to search the web and find any file, website, directory, picture or anything you can imagine.Y...

Beon Networks Solutions, SL. - 774KB

Jason Stallings - 780KB

QuizoApps - 11KB

For many people who use the Internet, browsing is basically synonymous with doing Google searches. Not surprisingly there are lots of programs designe... - 1.43MB

Web Photo Search - 1.56MB

You often need to look for specific images online, and when you do so on your own the search is rarely successful. So, you might need some kind of hel...

WorldLight - 1019KB

Syed Hassaan Ahmed - 374KB

MeGaSearch is a useful tool for users that regularly access direct download pages, like Rapidshare or Megaupload. The program, as the name indicates, ...

Phoenix Productions - 93KB

Phoenix Productions - 444KB

After several years of forging its name on the internet, Wikipedia has become an indispensable point of reference for almost any subject. Many users u...

eSearchy - 1.65MB

eSearchy is a small application that, once downloaded, can be used without installing to search for anything online or on your computer with total saf...

Sunsean - 5KB

If you usually use Google to search for anything in the web, you should continue reading the description of this add-on for firefox that will make eas...

Copernic - 3.44MB

Make multiple Web searches with this intelligent tool, used by millions of surfers around the world. Copernic Agent Basic includes your search in 90 d...