Utilities Software

John Graham-Cumming - 5.19MB

cRiStOMe - 23.73MB

Xtreeme GmbH - 6.59MB

FollowUpExpert is a tool to automatically send hundreds of emails for ad campaigns and/or promotions in a very short period of time.The application le...

Podmailing - 8.04MB

Do you need to send a huge file but your mail account doesn't allow you to send it because it is too big? PodMailing is the solution to your problems....

Mozilla - 22.81MB

Mozilla Thunderbird is an application that manages emails and sends news alerts. Even though Mozilla launches its applications through a stable channe...

Zemerick Software Inc. - 639KB

GD Software - 1.72MB

GDS Video Thumbnailer is an application to create your standard thumbnail images from video footage in seconds.All you have to do is drag the video yo...

Backup eMail - 1.44MB

It is next to the 95% of users that they don't have a backup of the e-mail inbox, and f the HD crashes, they loose the information.Of course, all the ...

AEGIS Security - 941KB

PowerOffice SAU - 705KB

Stanford Trident - 5.75MB

Do you miss any feature when using Microsoft Outlook? Voice2Mail is a Microsoft Outlook add-in which lets you record and send audio messages.Thanks to...

IceWarp & SolWeb Inform?tica - 14.57MB

IceWarp is a mail server that integrates Web Mail, GroupWare, instant messenger, VoIP, SMS, ActiveSync, Outlook Connector, antispam, antivirus, and Sm...

XemiComputers - 3.63MB

Gambit - 825KB

Frank DiLecce - 14KB

DS Development - 4.06MB

PayToChat.com - 1.41MB

Raptr - 71KB

Raptr is the perfect social network for gamers. It is a mix of Steam, Facebook and Twitter that let users talk and play.Raptr let users see if the res...

Quantum Whale - 617KB

Audials - 66.38MB

Tunebite is a video conversion tool to get around the protection that some discs have which under normal conditions won't let you copy the content to ...